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AAGL Digital Member Bulletin – May 2013

MAY 2013

Join us for the 42nd Global Congress on Minimally Invasive Gynecology – November 10-14, 2013 – Gaylord National Hotel & Convention Center – Washington, D.C.
This year’s congress will feature postgraduate courses, plenary sessions, keynote addresses, and live telesurgeries focused on endometriosis, myomas, and hysterectomy. Don’t miss your chance to learn from the experts and earn up to 33.75 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)TM.

AAGL Launches – A Web Site Where Women Can Learn About the Benefits of MIS

AAGL is pleased to announce the launch of, an online portal with information about minimally invasive surgery (MIS) that woman can use to better understand how MIS is a viable surgical option that results in less pain and allows a quicker return to an active lifestyle.
The web site features a physician-authored blog, a detailed medical library, and informative surgeon interviews. Additionally, current members of the AAGL are prominently featured in the MISforWomen Physician Finder, which is designed to connect women with AAGL physicians based on geography or medical specialty.
We encourage all of our members to share a link to this excellent, new educational resource with your patients by placing a link on your web site and on your printed materials.

We Want to Hear From You – New Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy Guidelines

The Practice Committee of the AAGL formed a Guideline Development Committee to research and draft guidelines for laparoscopic subtotal / supracervical hysterectomy (LSH). The Practice Committee is making the guidelines available to AAGL members and solicits and appreciates your review before the document proceeds to final approval and publication.
Please click on the link below to read the guidelines and to provide comments. You will be asked to sign in with your AAGL username and password. All comments must be received before June 7, 2013. All comments provided by that date will be given to the chair of the Guideline Development Committee to address and forwarded to the AAGL Board of Trustees along with the final draft for approval.
We appreciate your time, and thank you for your input and assistance in producing the most relevant and up-to-date documents possible.

Announcing AAGL’s 10th International Congress – Barcelona, Spain – June 5-7, 2014

Did you miss our recent AAGL International Congress in Cape Town, South Africa? This highly successful scientific program was attended by more than 400 physicians, including many physicians from Africa and Australia who were attending their first AAGL meeting.
If you missed us in South Africa, we are pleased to announce that our next AAGL International Congress on MIGS will be held in Barcelona, Spain from June 5-7, 2014. Mark your calendars now and watch for additional information in our upcoming newsletters on how you can register for this educational event.


AAGL Relaunches CareerScope – Now Featuring a Frequently Updated List of Employment Opportunities

AAGL recently re-launched its CareerScope service. This member-only service now features a list of job openings for gynecologists that is updated every 10 minutes. Additionally, members may post jobs to CareerScope to get the word out regarding openings at your hospital.
You can access CareerScope on our web site by visiting and logging into your member account. Once you are logged in, you will see the CareerScope job listings in the left column of every page on the web site, along with a link that will allow you to post new jobs.

Join Us for the 5th Annual Meeting on Laparoscopic, Robotic, and Vaginal Hysterectomy – New York, NY

Mark your calendars and join us for the 5th Annual Meeting on Laparoscopic, Robotic, and Vaginal Hysterectomy, taking place December 5-6, 2013 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. This course will offer both didactic and hands-on training on a diverse array of techniques that can be used to perform minimally invasive hysterectomies. We will be providing additional information and online registration for the course in the coming months in our newsletter and on

Did You Miss One of Our Recent Live Event on SurgeryU? Watch Them Now On-Demand and In High Definition

During the past month, AAGL has webcasted two highly successful live events on SurgeryU HD. The first event featured Dr. Jon Ivar Einarsson performing a case on laparoscopic excision of stage IV endometriosis. A few weeks later, Dr. Robert Zurawin covered the use of new morcellation tools and techniques for performing tissue removal laparoscopically.
If you missed either event and would like to watch them in their entirety, please click on the link below to view the events on-demand.


The following articles appear in The Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, Volume 20, Issue 3 (May-June 2013). Click on an article link below to log into JMIG using your AAGL membership account to read the full text of the article.

Physical Properties of Electricity
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 269)
Authors: Angus J.M. Thomson
History of Power Sources in Endoscopic Surgery
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 271)
Authors: Christopher Sutton, Jason Abbott
Electrosurgical Generators and Monopolar and Bipolar Electrosurgery
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 279)
Authors: George A. Vilos, Chandrew Rajakumar
Surgical Complications Specific to Monopolar Electrosurgical Energy: Engineering Changes That Have Made Electrosurgery Safer
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 288)
Authors: Roger C. Odell
Histologic Changes Associated With Electrosurgical Injury
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 299)
Authors: Richard M. Soderstrom
Laparoscopic Vessel Sealing Technologies
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 301)
Authors: Stephen D. Lyons, Kenneth S.K. Law
Comparative Studies of Energy Sources in Gynecologic Laparoscopy
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 308)
Authors: Kenneth S.K. Law, Stephen D. Lyons
Economics and Energy Sources
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 319)
Authors: Malcolm G. Munro
Symptomatic Subserous Multicystic Uterus
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 328)
Authors: George Pados, Anastasios Makedos, Konstantina Diamanti, Zaharoula Ntinou, Thomas Zaramboukas, Basil Tarlatzis
“Blueberry Sign”: Spilled Gallstones After Cholecystectomy as an Uncommon Finding
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 329)
Authors: Denisse Anrique, Anne Kroker, Andreas D. Ebert
Chronic Subtorsion of the Ovary With Subsequent Ovarian Hypoplasia
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 330)
Authors: Carlo De Cicco Nardone, Corrado Terranova, Ester Valentina Cafà, Nella Dugo, Paolo Gennari, Francesco Plotti, Roberto Angioli
A New Technique of Laparoscopic Intracorporeal Anastomosis for Transrectal Bowel Resection With Transvaginal Specimen Extraction
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 333)
Authors: Emilie Faller, Jaime Albornoz, Pietro Messori, Joël Leroy, Arnaud Wattiez
Laparoscopic Transvesical Approach for Vesicovaginal Fistula Repair
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 334)
Authors: Shailesh P. Puntambekar, Riddhi Desai, Amit Galagali, Geetanjali Agarwal Joshi, Saurabh Joshi, Rahul Kenawadekar, Archit Pandit, Anup Aitwade, Seema S. Puntambekar
Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic vs Abdominal and Laparoscopic Myomectomy: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 335)
Authors: Jyotsna Pundir, Vishal Pundir, Rajalaxmi Walavalkar, Kireki Omanwa, Gillian Lancaster, Salma Kayani
CO2 Laser Treatment for Bartholin Gland Abscess: Ultrasound Evaluation of Risk Recurrence
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 346)
Authors: Violante Di Donato, Filippo Bellati, Assunta Casorelli, Margherita Giorgini, Giorgia Perniola, Claudia Marchetti, Innocenza Palaia, Pierluigi Benedetti Panici
Blinded Assessment of Operative Performance After Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery in Gynecology Training
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 353)
Authors: Danielle D. Antosh, Tamika Auguste, Elizabeth A. George, Andrew I. Sokol, Robert E. Gutman, Cheryl B. Iglesia, Sameer Y. Desale, Amy J. Park
Prospective Evaluation of the Incidence of Uterine Vascular Malformations Developing After Abortion or Delivery
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 360)
Authors: Hiroyuki Yazawa, Syu Soeda, Tsuyoshi Hiraiwa, Masayo Takaiwa, Sumiko Hasegawa-Endo, Manabu Kojima, Keiya Fujimori
Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy Performed With and Without Excision of the Endocervix: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 368)
Authors: Espen Berner, Erik Qvigstad, Anton Langebrekke, Marit Lieng
Case-Control Study of Complications Associated With Bipolar and Monopolar Hysteroscopic Operations
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 376)
Authors: Raz Bahar, Michal Shimonovitz, Avi Benshushan, Asher Shushan
Effects of Embryo Transfer Catheters on the Endometrial Surface Noted at Hysteroscopy
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 381)
Authors: Ilana B. Ressler, Tarita Pakrashi, Julie M. Sroga, Krystene B. DiPaola, Michael A. Thomas, Steven R. Lindheim
Laparoscopic Repair of Post-Cesarean Section Uterine Scar Defects Diagnosed in Nonpregnant Women
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 386)
Authors: Maria-Laura Marotta, Jacques Donnez, Jean Squifflet, Pascale Jadoul, Natalia Darii, Olivier Donnez
Small Bowel Herniation Through a Spigelian Defect Within 48 Hours After Laparoscopy
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 392)
Authors: Ali Bassi, Togas Tulandi
Laparoscopic Management of Sacral Nerve Root Schwannoma With Intractable Vulvococcygodynia: Report of Three Cases and Review of Literature
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 394)
Authors: Marc Possover, Plamen Kostov
Robotic-Assisted, Ultrasound-Guided Abdominal Cerclage During Pregnancy: Overcoming Minimally Invasive Surgery Limitations?
Citation: JMIG, Volume 20, Issue 3 (page 398)
Authors: Teresa M. Walsh, Mostafa A. Borahay, Karin A. Fox, Gokhan S. Kilic


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
—John Quincy Adams

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