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AAGL 2015 – Live Cadaveric Demonstration on Anatomy

Marcello Ceccaroni, Chair
Resad P. Pasic, Surgeon
Shailesh P. Puntambekar, Surgeon

This advanced, interactive cadaveric laparoscopic dissection is directed to gynecologists, trainees and pelvic surgeons interested in learning retroperitoneal  anatomy of the female pelvis and optimizing strategies for basic, intermediate and advanced radical pelvic surgery. Highlighted areas include a review of pelvic anatomy and step-by-step laparoscopic surgical strategies for performing simple hysterectomy and managing deep infiltrating endometriosis and pelvic cancers, including nerve-sparing procedures. Applied surgical anatomy for safe retroperitoneal surgery will be demonstrated. Dissection of somatic and autonomic nerves will be systematically performed together with tips and tricks for successful pelvic lymphadenectomy and radical hysterectomy.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: At theconclusion of this course, the clinician will be able to: 1) Apply anatomical knowledge of pelvic and uterine ligaments,  etroperitoneal pelvic spaces, viscera, nerves, fascial system and septa, to pelvic floor surgery, including treatment of endometriosis and cancer; 2) demonstrate basic and advanced laparoscopic pelvic surgical procedures; and 3) discuss tips, tricks and surgical steps for nerve-sparing radical pelvic surgery.

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