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AAGL 2015 – Keynote Address “Neuropelveology – A New Groundbreaking Discipline in Medicine” by Dr. Marc Possover

This presentation provides an overview on the different aspects of the neuropelveology, a new groundbreaking discipline in medicine that focuses on the pathologies of the pelvic nerves. Neuropelveology deals with totally new aspects in the diagnosis and management of chronic pelvic pain syndrome, pelvic organ dysfunctions (OAB, incontinence), and even spinal cord injury. The required knowledge for a proper diagnosis is related to several different disciplines – gynecology, neurourology, neurology, neurosurgery and even orthopedic.  neuropelveological treatments include non-invasive approaches (medical treatments, infiltrations), and new techniques in laparoscopic pelvic surgery with procedures such as nerve exploration/decompression, neurolysis, nerve resection/reconstruction,
or the implantation of electrodes to the pelvic nerves – called the LION procedure – for neuromodulative and functional electrical treatments. In addition, orthopedic procedures such as laparoscopic sacrum/iliac bone resection for orthopedic tumors are feasible with major advantages for patients. Neuropelveology is not an alternative in most clinical situations, but can be a unique therapeutic
option for a large number of patients affected by intractable conditions.

At the conclusion of this activity, the participant will be able to: 1) Explain how important it is for all physicians involved in pelvic pathologies to recognize neuropelveological conditions; 2) describe how to diagnose major neuropelveological conditions; and 3) discuss how far we can go with laparoscopic neuropelveological procedures.

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