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FOCUS ON AAGL: What is Ahead for the AAGL in the Next 3 Years?

The AAGL has undergone many changes during the last 3 years. A few of the major ones are:

  • The number of members and the attendance at the annual meeting have both increased significantly.
  • The Centers of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology (COEMIG) have come on line in 2012 with 174 hospitals and 347 surgeons currently in the application process; of those, 24 hospitals and 73 physicians have been approved.
  • The Essentials in Minimally Invasive Gynecology (EMIG) program has developed a high stakes cognitive test and beta tested a skills test.
  • The AAGL’s financial position has continued to strengthen, which has allowed not only for the retirement of the mortgage on its office, but the ability to commit to the establishment of new programs such as a patient website.

But what is ahead for the next 3 years? No one can predict the future but it is necessary to set out a course to follow if we are to be able to continue our growth and influence for the benefit of our members and their patients.

Accordingly, with the help of a consultant, the AAGL Board of Trustees met in a strategic planning session and developed a plan to help guide the AAGL in its growth.

Six Goals were determined:

  1. Membership with the objective that “All members will derive exceptional value and benefit from joining and participating in the AAGL.”
  2. Professional Development in order to “Allow the AAGL to continue to be the recognized provider for superior opportunities for lifelong learning while establishing a clear career path in MIGS.”
  3. Cooperative Relations that will continue to “Allow the AAGL to be recognized as thought leaders and subject matter experts in MIGS”.
  4. Expand Technology Based Offerings to “Further enhance creativity, features, interactivity and accessibility of the website while linking to other AAGL created and maintained relevant sites.”
  5. Leadership Development to “Foster a collaborative and rewarding environment which is global, inclusive and diverse which promotes development of volunteer leaders for the organization and the profession at-large.”
  6. Governance to “Ensure that the organizational structure addresses the future needs and expectations of AAGL members in a timely and efficient manner.”

These Goals will be explored in more detail in future “Focus on AAGL” reports. In the meantime,and on behalf of the AAGL Board of Trustees, I wish to thank all members for their support of MIGS and encourage each to make their thoughts known by addressing the Board at

Franklin D. Loffer, M.D., FACOG is the Executive VicePresident/Medical Director of the AAGL and resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

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