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Master Class in Gynecologic Surgery: The daVinci Single-Site Hysterectomy


The Single-Site hysterectomy requires meticulous dissection, one side at a time, and selective coagulation/sealing of vessels with minimal bedside assistance. The pararectal space is well developed and the ureter dissected off the peritoneum before the round ligament is transected. All bleeding vessels are coagulated prior to colpotomy. Dissection is performed with the fenestrated bipolar grasper in arm 1 and the monopolar cautery hook in arm 2. For vaginal cuff closure, the fenestrated bipolar is kept in arm 1 and a needle holder is placed in arm 2. Use of a 2-0, barbed, 9-12″ absorbable suture on a 24mm-35mm reverse cutting needle is recommended.

In this cooperative effort, Ob. Gyn. News and AAGL SurgeryU will be working very closely together to promote education in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery. This collaboration will allow viewers the opportunity to examine state-of-the-art procedures from true experts in our field. Not only will these videos be accompanied with a summary abstract, but the complete article pertaining to the surgery can be view via a link to Ob. Gyn. News. Again, thank you for your interest and please enjoy this exciting new venture.

The Ob. Gyn News’ Master Class in Gynecologic Surgery is hosted by AAGL SurgeryU, and is edited by Dr. Charles E. Miller, a past president of the AAGL, and a long standing faculty member of SurgeryU.

New: Download the AAGL Tissue Extraction Task Force paper on morcellation during uterine tissue extraction:


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