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SurgeryU Historical Video Archive.
View our video archive from the past six years to access historical videos.

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SurgeryU Video Library

Watch more than 1500 on-demand videos that demonstrate a wide range of MIG surgical techniques

Laparoscopy Demonstrations
(436 videos)
Robotics Demonstrations
(75 videos)
Hysteroscopy Demonstrations
(48 videos)
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AAGL Global Congress Scientific Videos

Watch over 250 videos that were originally presented at the 43rd AAGL Global Congress on MIGS in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Laparoscopic Morcellation Using The LI Endofield and LI Endofield-TV System
Innovative Surgical Simulation Exercises for Teaching Laparoscopy Using a Live Pig Model
Complex Robotic Trachelectomy For Chronic Pelvic Pain After Failed Laparotomic Trachelectomy
Go Retro: When the Going Gets Tough Go Retroperitoneal
Transverse Cystocele Repair and Robotic Sacral Colpohysteropexy for Stage 3 Uterovaginal Prolapse
Robotic Stapler for Coincidental Appendectomy
Single Port Laparoscopic Myomectomy Using YS Knot
Techniques for Robotic Trachelectomy Following Supracervical Hysterectomy
Hysteroscopic Myomectomy: Successful Removal of a Large Submucosal Leiomyoma While Minimizing Bleeding


AAGL Global Congress Scientific Virtual Posters

View more than 100 virtual posters that were originally presented at the 43rd AAGL Global Congress on MIGS
in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Abstract #450340 - Safety of Left Upper Quadrant Entry during Laparoscopic Surgery in Obese Patients with a History of Prior Abdominal Surgery
Abstract #450093 - A New Approach for the Evaluation and Management of Pelvic Masses Requiring Surgical Treatment: Avoiding Unnecessary Perioperative Imaging and Delay in Appropriate Care
Abstract #450139 - Safety of Same-Day Surgery in Jehovah's Witness Patients Undergoing Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Abstract #450277 - The Rate and Operative Sequelae of Uterine Perforation with Uterine Manipulators during Laparoscopic and Robotic Gynecologic Surgery
Abstract #450932 - Urinary Incontinence Surgery [amp] Medical Management Constantly Changing
Abstract #450381 - Ultrasound Mapping System of Pelvic Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis: An Useful Instrument for Surgical Treatment and Counseling
Abstract #450975 - Complications of LASH, TLH and LAVH in Norway
Abstract #450565 - Asherman Surgery in the Netherlands 2003-2013
Abstract #450471 - Factors That Predict Difficulty of Laparoscopic Hysterectomy


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