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Live Telesurgery – “Posterior Sling for Young Uterine Prolapse” with Neena R. Warty, M.D.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This pre-recorded surgery demonstrates a laparoscopic posterior sling for uterocervical prolapse in women who desire preservation of the uterus and normal child bearing function. The sling restores the uterus to its original position without altering the pelvic anatomy and its relation to the adjacent pelvic organs. The uterosacral ligaments are strengthened bilaterally using a mersilene tape with a detour on the left arm through a psoas pulley to accommodate and protect the recto sigmoid function.

The course discusses the evolution of this technique, its efficacy through multiple labors, failures, probable complications, and use in cases of recurrent prolapse with a follow-up over 18 years.

This easily reproducible anatomical sling integrates with the anatomy around the lateral pelvic wall and the dissection around the sacral promontory, safe guarding vital structures. It also can be used for recurrent uterine prolapse.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: At the conclusion of this course, the participant will be able to: 1) Demonstrate a conservative procedure for young patients with uterocervical prolapse who desire preservation of menstrual and child bearing function; 2) discuss the advantages of restoring uterocervical pelvic anatomy, which allows the dynamics of multiple pregnancies and labor to proceed unchanged; and 3) discuss how advantages of laparoscopy make a conventional time-tested, but technically challenging procedure easily reproducible.

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