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WATCH ON-DEMAND: Dr. Robert Zurawin Presents a Surgical Equipment Demonstration on SurgeryU HD


On May 16th, 2013,  Dr. Robert Zurawin demonstrated the Hologic MyoSure and MyoSure XL Hysteroscopic tissue removal systems live on SurgeryU HD.  Dr. Zurawin presented two medical cases utilizing these devices.

Patient History 

Case #1 
The patient is a 38 y.o G1P1 with heavy menstrual bleeding.  She was seen by another gynecologist who recommended a hysterectomy. In our office, her uterus measured 10 weeks size on bimanual examination.  Transvaginal ultrasound with sonohysterogram showed a 4.5 cm type 1 fibroid.  She wished to preserve her options for future fertility and agreed to proceed with a hysteroscopic myomectomy.

 Case #2 
47 G1P0010 who had an ectopic pregnancy in 1994 with a linear salpingostomy.  Over the years she had a total of three open until she finally had a UFE in January 2012.  After a few months she began having a lot of vaginal discharge and saw the interventional radiologist in November 2012 who told her it was drainage from a degenerating submucus myoma.  Patient was advised by another gynecologist to have a hysterectomy. I reviewed the MRI which revealed a 7 cm degenerating fibroid that was partially submucus. The radiologist and I discussed the films to determine if it were possible to remove some or all of it hysteroscopically. 

The patient was very clear that she did not wish to have a hysterectomy or even another open procedure. I offered a hysteroscopic myomectomy as a possible solution. She clearly understood that it may work, or she may need to proceed with hysterectomy eventually. 

This presentation is being provided through the generous sponsorship support of Hologic. The opinions expressed during this program are those of the presenter and the sponsor. The AAGL is not responsible for, nor should the viewer accept any claims or representations made during this broadcast as an endorsement of or recommendation by the AAGL.

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