AAGL 2019
Final Program
  AAGL 2019
Abstract Supplement


Saturday, November 9, 2019

YAN-600: Didactic: FMIGS Young Alumni Network (YAN): Building Successful Lives and Careers
ROBO-601: Didactic: Robotics: Fundamentals Today - Mastery Tomorrow
ANAT-603: Advanced Retroperitoneal Surgical Anatomy: The Solution to Difficult Surgery—Navigate, Dissect, Do No Harm
HYST-605: Didactic: Laparoscopic Hysterectomy from Basic to Complex
SUTR-607: Didactic /Simulation Lab: You Can Do It! Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Suturing
SUTR-608: Didactic /Simulation Lab: Laparoscopic Suturing
ENDO-609: Didactic: Endometriosis - The Whole Picture
LAPA-610: Didactic: Laparoscopic Complications: Avoid, Repair, Resolve. Surgical and Communication Skills We Need to Have
PELV-611: Didactic: Pelvic Pain
HSC-612: Didactic: Office-Based Procedures
MYO-613: Didactic: Multiple Modalities of Myomectomy

Sunday, November 10, 2019

ANAT-700: Didactic: 2nd International School of Surgical Anatomy (ISSA) Course: Tips and Tricks in Laparoscopic Retroperitoneal Surgical Anatomy to Perform Safe Gynecologic Surgery
URO-702: Didactic: Critical Concepts for the Reconstructive Surgeon
ROBO-704: Didactic: Simplify the Complex: Advanced Robotics
SUTR-706: Didactic/Simulation Lab: No Suture, No Surgery! Samurai "Goemon" Techniques to Master Laparoscopic Suturing
SUTR-707: Didactic/Simulation: Suturing in the Vertical Zone
PEARLS-708: Didactic: What You Want to Know from Your Oncologist: Revelations and Recommendations
HSC-709: Didactic/Simulation: Advancing Hysteroscopy Skills with Global Experts
PUSH-710: Didactic: Pushing the Surgical Envelope: The Methods to Our Madness
ENDO-711: Didactic: Deep Endometriosis: To be or not to be - but in Spanish!
VAG-712: Didactic: Reimagining Vaginal Surgery in MIGS
TEAM-713: Didactic: A Winning Perioperative Team
REPRO-714: Didactic: Reproductive Surgery - an Interactive Expert Encounter

Monday, November 11, 2019

SUTR-800: Sutura Laparoscopica: Aplicacion practica para Re-aproximacion de tejidos, Nudo Intra-corporeo y Extra-corporeo, Sutura Barbada y Tecnologias de Sutura
INTL 1: Lectures from Around the World
Late Breaking News
Panel Session 1: Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS): Building the Ultimate ERAS Protocol!
Panel Session 2: Menopause - Updates, Emerging Therapies and Challenging Cases
Plenary 1: Laparoscopy
Plenary 2: Basic Science/Research/Education
Plenary 3: Oncology
Plenary 4: Hysteroscopy
Surgical Tutorial 1: Before, During and After- Comprehensive Team Approach to Laparoscopic Management of Severe Endometriosis
Surgical Tutorial 2: The Future of Minimally Invasive Surgery for Pelvic Organ Prolapse...What Now?

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Panel Session 4: Debate: "There Will Be an Answer, Let It Be"- Expert Debate on Treatments for Endometriosis Associated Pain
Plenary 5: Urogynecology
Plenary 6: Endometriosis
Plenary 7: Reproductive
Plenary 8: Robotics
Surgical Tutorial 3: TLH-Everyone Is Doing It, But We Make It Look Good!!
Surgical Tutorial 4: Controversies and Approaches to Tissue Extraction
Surgical Tutorial 5: Oncology: Laparoscopic Radical Hysterectomy: Where Do We Go from Here and What Are We Still LACC-ing?
Surgical Tutorial 6: Hot Topics in Intra-uterine Surgery