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Welcome From the Scientific Program Chair

Dr. Francisco Carmona

AAGL, SEGO, and EIDEG worked together to present the 10th AAGL International Congress on Minimally Invasive Gynaecological Surgery. The congress took place in Barcelona, Spain from 5-7 June 2014.

Under the slogan “Join to scope for women’s health”, the Scientific Committee developed a Scientific Program that ensured the participation of the most relevant speakers, and provided the opportunity to learn about the latest clinical advances as well as international developments in research, practice and treatment.

Below, you will find the videos and paper abstracts that were submitted for the Congress, covering topics including Robotic surgery, Endometriosis, Pelvic floor defects, Gynecologic cancer, Hysterectomy, Other benign conditions, Ovarian pathology, Pre and postoperative women care, Imaging and energy, Hysteroscopy and Uterine pathology. Please click on any video or paper to view it in your browswer.

Scientific Papers

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Scientific Videos

Click on any of the videos below to view the full video

Formacion y Acreditacion - Laparoscopia en Latinoamerica
Laparoscopia en Espana Programa de Formacion de la Sego
Precencion del Prolapso Despues de Cirugia Ginecologica
Cancer de Endometrio y Linfadectomia. Indicaciones Actuales.
Radical Trachelectomy & Conservative Surgery
Salpinguectomia Sistematica en la Histerectomia por Causa Beninga
De Las Oncoguias a las Evaluacion del Tratamiento Quirurgico en Ginecologia Oncologica
Caesarian Scar Defects: Hysteroscopic Recognition and Treatment
Laparoscopia y Cancer de Ovario
Complications after Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy
Is Morcellation Still Acceptable: Risks and Benefits
Cirugia no Ginecologica Hecha por Ginecologos. El Cirujano Pelvico.
Obesidad y Laparoscopia
Anatomia Quirurgica Pelvica
Hysteroscopic Treament of Adenomiosis - Is it Possible?
Ecografia Preoperatoria en la Reparacion Laparoscopica de los Defectos del Suelo Pelvico
Dolor Pelvico Cronico en Endometriosis
Deep Endometriosis: Key Points on Diagnosis
Are New Technologies Useful to Prevent Complications?
Limits in Gynecologic Laparoscopy
Formacion y Acreditacion
Como Diagnosticar y Tratar La Adenomiosis
Histeroscopia en el Siglo XXI - Hemos Llegado al Limite?
Preoperative Assessment of Adnexal Masses
El Ureter: La Pesadilla del Ginecologo?
Indicaciones de la Laparoscopia en la Paciente Esteril
Laparoscopia y Robotica en Ginecologia. Del Pasado al Futuro.
Laparoscopy in Pregnancy
Accreditation in the USA - The COEMIG Program
Tratamiento Medico del Mioma y Otros Tratamientos No Quirurgicos
Curar El Cancer
Morcelacion Intrauterina - Estado Actual
Complicaciones Digestivas, Hemorragicas y Adherencias Postoperatorias
Laparoscopia vs Via Vaginal en el Tratamiento del Prolapso Genital
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