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CME Mission Statement


Focused on the ultimate goal of improving patient care in gynecologic medicine, AAGL recognizes that surgical gynecologists and other clinicians require lifelong learning.  Accordingly, the AAGL provides a variety of educational activities to ensure the learners achieve this goal.


Educational activities are developed to meet the needs of surgical gynecologists in practice and in training, as well as, other allied healthcare professionals in the field of gynecology.


AAGL’s CME program integrates the latest advances in clinical practice, scientific research and technical innovation that impact learners by increasing their knowledge, competence and performance-in-practice. Based on a thorough needs assessment of the professional practice gaps, CME content is developed in accordance with these tenets:

Type of Activities
The AAGL educates learners through an annual scientific congress and free standing courses.

The Annual Scientific Congress is a comprehensive educational activity attended by an international group of physicians and allied healthcare professionals that employs:

Free Standing Courses attract an international audience with various instructional formats, from didactic lecture to hands-on in-vitro or in-vivo laboratory exercises. Course content is based on the professional gaps of the target audience. These activities may employ:


The desired expectation of AAGL’s CME program is to enhance the learners’ knowledge, their ability to apply knowledge-to-practice (competence) and to improve their performance in-practice.

To facilitate the measurement of expected results, learners are asked—via pre- and post-test, course evaluations, outcomes questionnaires and frequent, comprehensive online (web site and email) surveys—to critically evaluate whether or not they have made changes in their practice based on their participation in the courses.

Critical metrics for these assessments include but are not limited to:

Through assessment of the above data and metrics, AAGL determines the need for overall program improvements and implements them in a timely manner.

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