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The AAGL values the contributions of its committee members and their efforts to move forward the mission of our society. Below you will find a list of the members of each of our committees as of this year:

Standing Committees


Juan Villegas-Echeverri (Chair)
Amy Garcia
Gerald Harkins
Ido Sirota


Mark Hoffman (Chair)
Carlos Fernandez Ossadey
Javier Magrina
Arleen Song
Lori Warren


Marie Fidela Paraiso (Chair)
Jubilee Brown
Gary Frishman
Ted Lee
Linda Michels (Consultant)


Louise King (Chair)
John Steege
Kimberly Swan


Marie Fidela Paraiso (Chair)
Linda Bradley
Jubilee Brown
Gary Frishman
Ted Lee
Linda Michels


Jin Hee Kim (Chair)
Kevin Stepp (Committe)
Jessica Ritch (Committee Mem)
Kelly Benabou
Francisco Carmona
Xiaoming Guan
Thiers Soares


Gary Frishman (Committee Chair)
Diana Atashroo (Committee Memb)
Linda Bradley
Aarathi Cholkeri-Singh
Linda Michels
Jamal Mourad
Amanda Nickles Fader
Iris Orbuch
Meir Solnik

PEC Professional Education Committee

Erica Dun (Chair)
Linda Bradley
Erin Carey
Mark Dassel
Adi Katz
Linda Michels
Erinn Myers
Amy Park
Harold Wu
Linda Yang

SPC Scientific Program Committee

Jubilee Brown (Chair)
Linda Bradley
Nichole Mahnert
Linda Michels
Shanti Mohling
Fariba Mohtashami
Shailesh Puntambekar
Matthew Siedhoff
Amanda Yunker

Ad-Hoc Committees


Jon Hathaway (Chair)
Bala Bhagavath
Cathy Dahl
Mark Hoffman
Ted Lee
Richard Rosenfield
Craig Sobolewski
Kristinell Keil (Committtee Memb)

Diversity and Inclusion

Jubilee Brown (Chair)
Shanti Mohling (Co-Chair)
Dobie Giles
Barbara Levy
Fariba Mohtashami
Pamela Soliman
Amanda Yunker


Barbara Levy (Chair)
Linda Bradley
Joseph Hudgens
Linda Michels
Shanti Mohling
Amanda Yunker


Kimberly Kho (Chair)
Innie Chen (Committee )
Salena Zanotti (Committee Memb)
Sven Becker
Jay Berman
Elizabeth Chahine
Lisa Chao
Angela Chaudhari
Amanda Nickles Fader
Ja Hyun Shin
Kelly Wright
Johnny Yi
Ethan Balk (Research Consultant)
Ian Saldanha (Research Consultant)


Luiz Oliveira Brito (Chair)
Elisa Jorgensen
Anthony O'Connell
Jessica Opoku-Anane
Stephanie Ricci
Karen Tang
Mireille Truong


Pietro Bortoletto
Nisse Clark
Cecile Ferrando
Lara Harvey
Elisa Jorgensen
Emad Mikhail
Anna Jo Smith
Paul Tyan
Meir Solnik (AAGL Board Liaison)
Gaby Moawad (Chair)

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