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AAGL honors the men and women who originally founded the AAGL at the beginning of the 1970s. These leaders were responsible for shaping the tools, technology, and methodology of the field, and for bringing together like-minded surgeons who believed in a less invasive approach to surgery:


‡Jordan M. Phillips, M.D.
Downey, California

Louis G. Keith, M.D.
Chicago, Illinois

Jacques E. Rioux, M.D.
Saint-Foy-Quebec, Canada

Richard M. Soderstrom, M.D.
Palm Springs, California



Donald N. Adler, M.D
Beverly Hills, California

S. J. Behrmain, MA
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Joseph H. Bellina, M.D.
New Orleans, Louisiana

George Berci, M.D., FACS.
Los Angeles, California

W.P. Block, M.D.
Glasgow, Scotland

James L. Breen, M.D.
Livingston, New Jersey

Philip G. Brooks, M.D.
Los Angeles, California

Kamheang Chaturachinda, M.D.
Bangkok, Thailand

Michel Cognat, M.D.
Lyon, France

Melvin R. Cohen, M.D.
Chicago, Illinois

Stephen L. Corson, M.D.
Penn Valley, Pennsylvania

Norman G. Courey, M.D.
Grand Island, New York

‡W. Dow Edgerton
Davenport, Iowa

‡Hans Frangenheim, M.D.
Konstanz, Germany

Bernard Z. Gore, M.D.
San Francisco, California

Jaroslav F. Hulka, M.D.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Robert Israel, M.D.
Los Angeles, California

‡W.I. H. Johnston, M.B.
Parkville, Australia

Carl J. Levinson, M.D.
Menlo Park, California

John M. Levinson, M.D.
Wilmington, Delaware

Jaroslav J. Marik, M.D.
Los Angeles, California

James J. McClure, M.D.
Irvine, Califorina

F.C. Menken, M.D.
Munich, Germany

Jack P. Mercer, M.D.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

‡Raoul Palmer, M.D.
Paris, France

‡David Pent, M.D.
Phoenix, Arizona

Padma Rao, M.D.
Manipal, India

J. Alfred Rider, M.D.
Mill Valley, California

Jack R. Robinson, M.D.
Santa Maria, California

‡Maxwell Roland, M.D.
Floral Park, New York

Burton H. Smith, M.D.
Garden Grove, California

Robert Stepto, M.D.
Chicago, Illinois

‡Mr. Patrick C. Steptoe
Oldham, Lancashire, England

Marshall B. Taylor, M.D.
La Jolla, California

Leland G. Whitson, M.D.
Kansas City, Kansas

Preston P. Williams, M.D.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

‡J. Benjamin Younger, M.D.
Birmingham, Alabama

Serge Zakarian, M.D.
Merseille, France





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