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    ”Focused on the ultimate goal of improving patient care in gynecologic medicine, AAGL recognizes that surgical gynecologists and other clinicians require lifelong learning. Accordingly, the AAGL provides a variety of educational activities to ensure the learners achieve this goal.“

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      Abstracts 2016: Quantity AND Quality

      Our members continue to amaze us! This year’s Call for Abstracts is officially closed and we are excited to report that we received an impressive 870 abstracts – just 30 shy of last year’s record. Written abstracts continue to comprise almost 2X the number of video abstracts; however, we received 35 more videos this year. The category with the highest entries (35%) is Laparoscopic Surgeries, followed by Endometriosis (11.3%), and Hysteroscopy (10.7%) rounding out the top 3. Among the written abstracts, there is an increase in the Pelvic Pain and Oncology categories, while videos saw the greatest increase in Laparoscopic Surgeries, Robotics and Urogynecology/Vaginal Surg. All subspecialties are represented so we anticipate this year’s Congress will offer  interesting findings, fresh learnings, and global perspectives. Grading the abstracts is the next step in the process which began on May 9th. Thank you and good luck to all who submitted!

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      NEW ONLINE CME: Pushing the Surgical Envelope – The Method to our Madness

      As gynecologic surgeons mature in experience and skill, few will leave their comfort zone and push the surgical envelope to take on challenges. Those who push the surgical envelope with sheer bravado alone risk failure and infamy. Surgeons who do succeed are those who adopt a methodical and systematic approach. Anatomy and exposure are frequently cited as the foundations of pelvic surgery. True mastery occurs in those who develop the ability to quickly formulate various strategic plans when confronted with anticipated as well as unexpected surgical difficulties.

      This course will present these techniques through the use of surgical video, which will illustrate strategies to overcome the difficulties associated with various anatomy distorting pathologies. Participants will develop a greater understanding of safe and effective approaches to the challenging surgical scenarios through lectures that are both evidence- and experience-based.

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