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Welcome to AAGL’s specialty page dedicated to minimally invasive surgeons with a focus on hysteroscopy.

The 2017 Goals of this SIG are:

  1. Pros and Cons: Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal Systems versus Hysteroscopic Resectoscopy
  • Basic hysteroscopy set up. (In which we could cover from needed equipment for diagnostic and minor hysteroscopic procedures, to resectoscopic and tissue removal systems)
  • Pain management during in office hysteroscopic procedures. Do we need it? Pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic options?
  • Choosing the right patient for in office hysteroscopy
  • Expanding the indications for hysteroscopy. (Highlighting the roll of hysteroscopy in modern gynecology and tips on how to incorporate hysteroscopy into their daily practice)
  • Prevention and management of complications during hysteroscopic procedures
  1. Office Hysteroscopy Online Module
  2. Video to be submitted to SurgeryU: Isthomocele repair
  3. Video to be submitted to SurgeryU: Hysteroscopic Myomectomy: Approach to Type 2 leiomyomas for Complete Enucleation


SIG Leadership
Matthew Hopkins
Aarathi Cholkeri-Singh
Linda Bradley
Immediate Past Chair

Board Members: Jay Berman, Amy Garcia, Morris Wortman

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